Wish Jeep made a long wheel base version of the 2-door JK?

Now, you can gain the extra cargo room and off-road performance the legendary LJ offered.

Jeep Works will stretch your 2-door JK 10 inches for the perfect 106-inch wheelbase. All sectioning work is done at factory seams and looks like it came off the assembly line. Body panels are welded, as done in factory, using Pro-Spot resistant spot welding equipment. The factory corrosion protection is replaced.

Take a look at our latest JKL Conversion progress photos

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Jeep Works’ JKL Wrangler long wheelbase conversions are compatible with the stock suspension or any aftermarket suspension systems. You may use the factory plastic fenders or any aftermarket tube type fenders. The conversions are fully compatible with rear seats and seat belts. Each conversion can be customized based on individual needs and wants.

Jeep Works JKL Conversions in Action

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Jeep Works Turn-Key JKL ConversionsThe conversion starts at $12,500 and takes approximately six weeks to complete.Learn More
Jeep Works JKL Builder KitsThe builder kits start at $2,300.Learn More

For more information, contact Jeep Works:

Phone: (480) 221-9439
Email: em@jeepworksltd.com