Builder Kits
Looking to do the Jeep Works JLL conversion yourself? We now offer our JLL Builder Kit with pricing starting at $2,300 plus shipping. Our base JLL Builder Kit includes extended frame rail inserts, inner and outer quarter panel extensions, floor pan extension, roll bar extensions, brake line extensions, fuel line extensions, wiring to extend body and frame harness’s. 6 factory Jeep parts are used and we provide all the OEM part numbers to complete the JLL Builder Kit. The cost for these when you buy them from your local Jeep dealership is under $300.00. The base stretch is compatible with the stock plastic fenders and stock suspension. It also works with most aftermarket fenders, body armor and suspension systems.
  • Left Quarter Panel Outer Extension
  • Right Quarter Panel Outer Extension
  • Frame Rail extensions
  • Left and Right Quarter Panel Outer Lower Extension
  • Left and Right Quarter Panel Inner Extension
  • Left and Right Inner Quarter Filler
  • Factory Roll Bar Extension and Sleeves
  • Left and Right Inner Rocker Extension
  • Left and Right Inner Quarter Reinforcement Extension
  • Parking Brake Cable Hole Filler
  • Left Floor Panel Extension
  • Center Floor Panel Extension
  • Right Floor Panel Extension
  • Fuel line extensions
  • Brake line extensions
  • Frame wiring harness extension
  • Left side body harness extension
  • Right side body harness extension
  • Skid Plate Extension
This is not a do it yourself modification. The standard JKL conversion takes about 100 to 125 hours to do the frame and body modification including teardown and reassembly. It takes a combination of fabrication and autobody skills/knowledge. The installer needs to have knowledge of modern body/frame dimensioning and welding. An off road fab shop can do most of the work but you would also need someone with up to date autobody skills.

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